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Success Story: A Time for Everything

You’d be hard-pressed to find U and X in the middle of a crowd. They are part of the large sea of humanity filled with faces that neither smile nor frown. They work hard all of their lives at jobs that require little skill, little education, and a large helping of patience.

U carries plates stacked with pancakes and melted butter, some with happy faces painted on with whipped cream. She brings more coffee, she clears away your plate, she politely asks if everything is all right. Her life is spent walking along the same narrow path between the kitchen and the tables. She can see the sunshine through the windows but she remains inside.

X, U’s husband, does not walk. He stands in place all day long. As automobiles line up to cross the bridge, X takes their payment and gives change where necessary. The door to his booth is open and he can see the sunshine and feel the warmth. Fresh air, however, is a distance away. Instead he breathes the fragrant air of motorized exhausts.

U looks forward to the day when she can finally sit.

X looks forward to the day when he can finally move.


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