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Humor: Data Mining

“Before 1999, it was cheap to find and process giga ore. But once we passed the point of ‘peak packet,’ it became much more expensive to find it and process it. They say there are only three viable veins of giga ore left in the world, with the largest being under the ice in Antarctica. The other two are in the Appalachians. You have to shear off the top of mountains to get to the ore. No surprise that environmentalists are fighting this. Anyway, once it’s pulled out of the ground, it gets transported in lead-lined containers to the processing plant at Savannah River. Then it’s converted into packets and distributed to data centers across the country. It’s a long, messy, and expensive process. That’s why Verizon is so stingy with its cellular data plans. Giga ore is a precious commodity.”

‘I think you’re full of shit,’ I said with a smile.

I opened my wallet and glanced at my driver’s license.

‘Says I wasn’t born yesterday.’

The Verizon salesman laughed.

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