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Humor: Questions From the Fox News Presidential Debate

In case you missed the debate, I jotted down some of the more interesting questions.

1. Should we use tactical nuclear weapons or conventional weapons to wipe Iran off the face of the earth?

2. Is Israel our best friend or our bestest friend? Follow-up question. Should we nuke Iran now, or now?

3. If Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Al Gore, were on a sinking boat, would you launch a torpedo or a cruise missile at their boat?

4. A white Christian woman is pregnant after being raped by three black men. Do you tell her she must carry the pregnancy to term or do you insist she have an abortion in order not to dilute the white race with black blood?

5. A young white man walks into an elementary school and mows down thirty children and ten teachers. Do you pass legislation that requires that all teachers pack heat, or do you pass legislation that requires both children and teachers to pack heat? Follow-up question: If the children are poor and black, do you give a shit? Follow-up question number two: Are the unions the real cause of the problem?

6. JP Morgan Chase gets hit with a multi-billion dollar fine by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Do you publicly apologize to Jamie Dimon, disband the CFPB, and refund the fine? Or do you public apologize to Jamie Dimon, disband the CFPB, refund the fine, and force the I.R.S. to refund any taxes they may have paid in the last fifty years?

7. Should the minimum wage be lowered to zero dollars?

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