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Scribblings: Angry White Men

Jan 13, 2016 The government has turned against its own people. Policy is made to favor the wealthy. Wars are fought to protect their assets. Laws are made to benefit them, and old laws that protected the people get overturned by the Supreme Court. The government has been co-opted and corrupted by the corporate oligarchy. Instead of balancing corporate interests with those of the great mass of people, it has become the tool of the corporate oligarchs.

We’ve seen this pattern before. It was the pattern that sustained slavery and made it into an economic powerhouse. It was the pattern that shaped economic development and which put into place the legal framework that comes down to us and effects us today, by the way it prioritizes property interests over all others.

What is taking place now, why you have angry white men, they are now learning what African-Americans have known since 1619, that their only value to the powers that be is one of economic exploitation and once they can no longer be exploited they are discarded. The added twist is that white men believe they are self-made man. White men are angry because they don’t like being treated like ‘niggers.’ Perhaps if they woke up and opened their eyes to reality they would realize that their only hope, their only salvation, is to realize they have much more in common with those niggers than they ever thought, and that if Black and white united, only then might they, we, have to chance to change things for the better for everyone.

What are “scribblings“?

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