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Scribblings: Brace Yourself

The country will soon go into shock.  It will learn firsthand what it is like to be in a cult. We’ve already seen how quickly people fall into line, dispensing with reasoning, questioning, logic. Blind obedience and empty slogans will be the norm. A large number of people will not survive the psychological terror. Every pillar of society will crumble and they will not be able to depend on it for help. They will not be able to withstand the forces aligned against them as they try to maintain their sense of self. Even worse, because we saw this during the Reagan era, in small ways we will incorporate the “new wisdom” into our lives. Though we will try to fight against it, to maintain our sense of our “true” selves, we will not be able to completely escape it.

The following is from a discussion between Ron Rosenbaum and Martin Amis. Amis mentions Sebastian Haffner’s book, Defying Hitler.

“When Hitler picked up the keys to the Chancellery, all sane Germans felt not just horror but a complete sense of unreality…. What happens to you, as the public space and pressure increases, the private space decreases, and all your finer feelings, all your sensitivity, all your imaginative sympathy has to shrink….they called themselves ‘internal exiles,’ you went on an exile into yourself.”


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