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Scribblings: Creative Destruction

We’ve been told that electing Clinton means a continuation of the things that Obama has done. That, of course, is the problem. For eight years I’ve waited for the economy to really improve. Instead I remain part of the itinerant workforce, always in debt, always behind on paying my bills, never able to catch up, and certainly never able to get ahead. Clinton will not change that situation. She’s part of the market-driven culture. Trump, of course, is a beneficiary of this culture, using favorable tax laws to his advantage. But we’d be wrong to single out Trump in this regard. Apple is notorious for outsourcing as much as possible while paying as little in taxes as possible. The list of megacorporations that call themselves “American” and pay little towards the upkeep of America is a Who’s Who of the richest corporations. An alternative we don’t have is Bernie Sanders. But let’s be honest. If Trump has managed to revive the flagging white supremacist movement in this country, and we’ve already gotten reminders of what they are capable of doing, how much additional fuel would be added to their anger if a Jewish Socialist was at the head of the Democratic ticket? And what would happen if, by some miracle, he became president?

The real problem is that the system is completely broken. We’ve become enamored with the magic of the market, and we delude ourselves into believing that it just needs to be tweaked, adjusted, re-regulated, and then everything will be fine. It won’t be fine. Our economic system is based on creative destruction, and we’ve come up with very creative forms of destruction. We are actively engaged in destroying the entire planet. That, of course, doesn’t worry some very wealthy people who have their eye on the future, who will be laughing at us from their hermetically sealed villas on the red planet, and who will blame us for the destruction they had helped create, perpetuate, and which showered them with enormous wealth.

What are scribblings?

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