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Scribblings: Cruelty Has A Human Heart

Cruelty has a human heart. – William Blake

I recommend that you view this video (see link below) to the end, then start from the beginning and listen to Kellyanne Conway to make sure that your eyes didn’t deceive your ears. You’ll notice three things.

First, Maddow is in shock each time Conway responds to a question. Second, Conway’s authoritarianism emerges at the 9:18 mark in the video. She contrasts the treatment Obama had gotten eight years ago to the treatment Trump is getting. We weren’t discussing “any negative stuff that was associated with president-elect Obama,” Conway said. Everyone was discussing “what will they wear to the inaugural.” What Conway is really saying is, why are we talking negatively about Trump. He’s your new leader, just like Obama was your new leader. We should be excited about his inauguration. She doesn’t put it in these terms but I’m sure she would have liked to say, “Why isn’t everyone dancing in the streets, bowing down to the new power?” Third, you get a glimpse of Conway’s sadism, of a certain joy she gets out of the destruction of others. She defended the $150 million dollar lawsuit that put Gawker out of business, and then defended Melania’s use of the same lawyer and legal tactic in her — Melania’s — $150 million dollar lawsuit against a 70 year old blogger and the Daily Mail Online. Maddow asks, Is this the way all journalists and news sources will be treated? Conway slips past the question, never answering it outright, always talking in terms of the need to defend one’s reputation against slander. Conway never rules out the possibility that debilitating lawsuits or worse, ones that put news sources out of business, may be the modus operandi of Trump.

There’s a much more serious problem that’s evident in this video. It’s a problem that many of us, Maddow included, suffer from. It’s the difficulty in detecting evil even when it is sitting next to us, smiling and talking and shaking our hand. Our image of evil is something that’s dark, something that’s done surreptitiously, something that would never be out in the open. Yet here it is on display and Maddow is trying to wrap her head around it. She cannot understand it. Maddow, I believe, will soon come to realize that she’s dealing with evil. But not everyone has her intellect and powers of reason. Too many will mold themselves to this new normal.

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