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Scribblings: If Only….

It will be a “dark day” if Donald J. Trump wins US presidential election – Tom Hanks

How nice. A dark day if Trump wins. So what do we call thirty years of hate talk radio and Faux News? The overcast days? Perhaps we wouldn’t be in this position if we had listened to those who warned us what would happen if we allowed vitriol to masquerade as news and informed opinion.

Many have been astounded by the things that Donald Trump said on Howard Stern’s show. But we shouldn’t forget that Stern was no paragon of virtue. He had no problem bashing women, and no problem asking women who were guests on his show to undress in the studio. Let’s remember that the revelations from the Howard Stern show were broadcast across the country. We had no problem with it. We may not have liked it, but there weren’t protests in the streets. So we should not be surprised by Trump’s behavior. There were no real repercussions from what he said back then, so why, from his perspective, should there be repercussions now? Bottom line: we need to speak out about misogynistic, racist, anti-Semitic, conspiracy-laden hate speech every time it occurs.

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