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Scribblings: NY Times Stopped Massaging Trump’s Genitals

It’s nice to see that the New York Times is standing up to Trump’s threat of a libel suit. But they’re only doing this because they see the tables turning against him. They spent almost two years gently massaging his genitals just in case he got the presidency. They didn’t care if his ideas were insane. They reported it as if it were well-thought-out policy. The end result is that the New York Times was as much of an enabler of Trump as Fox News. So do not get all excited about the Times fighting with Trump. It’s a publicity stunt. They’re hoping that people have short memories. They’re hoping that we’ll still see them on the side of liberalism and progressivism. Don’t be fooled. This is a game and we’re the pawns.

From the NY Times:
Article: “President Trump? Here’s How He Says It Would Look
By Patrick Healy May 4, 2016

“He wants to put strong-willed people — business executives and generals are mentioned most often — in charge of cabinet agencies and throughout his senior staff….”

Does Trump think he’s Pinochet? But this was in May 2016. Five months ago. Now the NY Times grows a pair?

Here’s an article from The Guardian that offers a more critical view of Trump.
From The Guardian, May 16, 2016
Article: “Welcome to the age of Trump: Whether he wins the US presidency or not, his rise reveals a growing attraction to political demagogues – and points to a wider crisis of democracy”
by Jonathan Freedland

“It was the night the American media were too demure to call Pussygate.”

What are scribblings?

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