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Scribblings: Take Them At Their Word

Facebook Comment: “Am I the only one who wonders if Trump’s campaign is the presidential campaign version of The Producers”

My Reply: We didn’t take Jerry Falwell seriously, and now the Holy Rollers and their born-again psychosis has become a political force to be reckoned with. We didn’t take Gingrich’s Congressional antics seriously, and we ended up with a broken Congress. We still don’t take Paul Ryan’s “Burn Down the Safety Net” budget proposals seriously, and we have a safety net that is disappearing.

The most dangerous thing we have done is not take people at their word. The Republicans have been telling us what they want to do and it’s so outrageous that we laugh it off. Trump is the culmination of everything the Republicans have been saying since the “Jew Deal.” Don’t psychologize him. Don’t laugh it off. Don’t assume that it’s one big joke. When the the joker has power, we’ll regret not taking the joker seriously, but then it will be too late.

FYI – FDR’s New Deal was dubbed, by the conservative opposition, the “Jew Deal.”

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