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Scribblings: We All Know Trump

If Trump didn’t have money, didn’t have connections, didn’t have the “Trump” name, if he was an ordinary Joe, he’d be sitting in jail for having beaten his wife. Without money, he’s the swaggering loudmouth in the bar, the lizard that slithers up to the woman at the other end of the bar and shoves his tongue down her throat. When she protests, he laughs it off. “Hey guys. She probably enjoyed it. Watch this!” That’s when he reaches out and grabs her crotch.

Trump’s the one who waits till closing time at the bar and takes home a drunk woman and then brags about his “conquest” the following night. But his kind is an equal-opportunity exploiter. He’s the one who gets his good buddies involved in a sure-fire money-making deal that goes belly up and delivers the bad news in his brand new car.

We know this kind of person. We were warned about his kind. Let’s not ignore those warnings.

Who won last night’s debate? Answer: The John Birchers, the McCarthyites, and others who subscribe to “hidden hand” versions of history. For the third time their ideas were given national and international prominence. For the third time, they have been given “legitimacy.” Their ideas have been liberated. They are now out of the closet. They have filtered down and infiltrated our daily lives. We’ll continue to hear these ideas out of the mouths of children, of teenagers, of adults, and of the morons on cable news and various faux news networks and websites.

What are scribblings?

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