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Scribblings: We Need A New Paradigm

I removed the news apps from my phone. I’ve unsubscribed from numerous news-related Youtube feeds. I’ve unsubscribed from news-related podcasts. Everyone I read, everyone I listen to, everyone I watch makes me want to throw up. We need to toss out our antiquated theories about checks and balances, the wisdom of the crowd, the efficiency of the market, and every other idea that has proven to be ineffective, not only in this election cycle, but also ineffective in explaining the world as-it-is, ineffective in explaining how we can move forward and fix the world before we completely destroy it whether through climate catastrophes — a wonderful by-product of capitalism — or through the use of nuclear weapons. Trump did not create this brave new world. What he has done is effectively shove our faces into the shit. We desperately, desperately need a revolution in thought and process. We need to rethink our lives. We need to figure out how we can exist, how we can live the good life, without the reliance on destructive exploitation of humanity and the earth’s natural resources.

What are scribblings?

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