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Scribblings: Where Is Our Savior?

Win or lose, Trump is not going away nor are his venomous ideas and followers. We’re already on the path to fascism. The question is what do we do to stop it and reverse it. Clinton is not the person who can do that and, sorry to say this to Bernie supporters, Bernie couldn’t do it either. We need someone who is under 50 years old, who is bright, dynamic, politically savvy, and not beholden to the neoliberal bullshit. If that person exists, he or she will not come from the Republican party and maybe, just maybe, might come from the Democratic party, but that’s a real long shot. The Green Party, the “Let’s Party Like I Still Live in My Parent’s Basement” Party (aka, Libertarian), and other associated kooks and nutjobs are diverting us from the seriousness of what needs to be done.

What are scribblings?

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