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Success Story: All In The Family

As a worker cuts goat cheese into small chunks, K waves his hand to stop him, then takes a knife from the food prep table and cuts off a piece of cheese. He tells the worker to continue cutting and wrapping the cheese. “This is delicious,” K says as he places the cheese in his mouth, savoring the taste and creamy texture.

K’s family has been involved with food for many decades. His father was an influential figure in a supermarket chain. As a teenager K worked at one of the many supermarkets owned by his family, helping to unload trucks that brought groceries, and delivering supermarket orders to private homes. Eventually K inherited a significant piece of the business. It expanded under his watchful eye, and he branched out into other types of food establishments, providing lunches for the thousands that work in offices in the city’s downtown area, and catering for their celebrations and holiday parties. All of this keeps him quite busy. Still, he manages to find time to grow heirloom tomatoes, grind meats for home-made sausage, and make fresh ravioli filled with portobello mushrooms.

It’s rare that K speaks about the true origins of the family business. When he does, he often leaves out important details. A bit of research makes it clear why he leaves out the details. The family business was, at one time, the organized kind.

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