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Success Story: God’s Plan

O is a man of faith. He believes God created the world to fulfill an eternal plan. That is why O does everything according to his own plan. In fact, he built a successful career by creating detailed plans for brokering deals between investors and companies. The fruits of O’s business plans provided him with the best that God’s earth had to offer: Texas beef; California wines; Louisiana seafood.

As God’s plan continued to unfold exactly as God had planned, O’s plans did not. The changed economy had, somehow, changed the landscape. Eventually, O lost his job. For a time he managed to get by on his accumulated wealth, but as the pile got smaller, and he was not able to find a new job in finance, he began to search for a new source of income. A friend suggested that he become a substitute teacher. This would allow him to have a small, steady income, and provide time to continue searching for the job he really wanted. Some of O’s days were spent teaching, others on searching for a job on Wall Street. Evenings, however, were spent writing a book about the importance of plans. In it he explained why you need to create a plan for your life, why you should follow that plan, and why you should always put your faith in God. After six years, he finished the book. However, he never found a new job on Wall Street. O became a full-time teacher.

Nowadays he commutes to a crumbling building in a rusted-out, rubble-filled city. Hope left that city decades earlier, a result of white flight and black riots. He stands at the front of a classroom filled with poor, needy, troubled children. They were cast off by the other teachers in the school, in a school system that was in a city cast off by the Great State of New Jersey. He tries to teach them how to read, how to behave in a classroom environment, how to understand the world. Before he steps into the classroom he prays to God, asking Him to watch over the children, to keep them safe, and to help them learn the importance of always following a plan.

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